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Shortlisting Criteria in IIM's

Good percentile in CAT or GMAT is necessary but not sufficient condition to make an entry into IIMs. There are other shortlisting criteria as well which these primier institutions adhere to to ensure that best of the talent from the country enters them. In the cut throat competition when even the  fractions of of a mark matter it is essential to be aware of the shortlisting criteria. The geder parity and diversity is also considered by various IIMs in the selection criteria. So if you a female candidate or have non technical background, you may get extra advantage in various IIMs.

This article is highlights the shortlisting criteria by the IIMs. 

IIM, Ahmedabad

A dream destnation for every MBA aspirant in this country, IIM (A)  gives the weightage not only to CAT scores, but also to performance in individual sections, performance in personal interview, academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements, work experience etc. In nut shell the tenet behind the selection criteria for IIM(A) is a consistently high performance in academics as well as relevant work experience.

Nonetheless the lion's share of weightage (70%) is given to the CAT scores, (above 99 percentile)in IIM (A). The remaining 30% is given to the academic records of the candidate and the work experience. The following is table that indicates the exact weightage at different levels:



Rating Score





Percentage score in Class X exam





Percentage score in Class XII exam





Percentage score in Bachelor's degree exam





Percentage score in Master's degree exam





Work experience


1-2 Years

2+ Years

 IIM Calcutta

The institute will give GD/PI calls only to those cabdidates who have secured above 99.55 CAT percentile as their CAT score. Up to where the academic background is concerned, the weightage will be given to the Class X and XII scores of the candidates. To ensure gender parity  the institute, this year,  has decided to giving extra marks to girl candidates who meet the CAT percentile.

IIM Lucknow

The candidates must score atleast 85 percentile in each of the section of the CAT's written test (sectional cut off), along with this  while the overall CAT score should be  atleast 90 percentile in order to get GD/PI call from IIM (L).Weightage would also be given to  Class X and XII marks with a weightage of 1 mark each, graduation score with maximum 3 marks depending on the score in graduation, work experience and gender (extra marks to girl candidates). The weightage for work experience and gender diversity is 2 points each. Those from non-engineering background will get a weightage of 3 marks.

IIM Banglore

IIMB emphasizes consistent and high performance in past academics. That is the reason why only candidates with 90 percentile or more will be considered for GD/PI. The institute will give weightage to the CAT scores, Class X, XII and Bachelor’s marks as follows:

  • CAT  Score= 20
  • Class X board=15
  • Class XII board=10
  • Bachelors= 15.

IIM Indore 

The sectional cutoffs and consistency in the academic backgound are the mantra to open the door of IIM Indore. Weightage will be given to factors like sectional cut offs with 20% accorded to Section 1 and 30% accorded to Section 2. Class X, Class XII and graduation marks get a weightage of 15% each. While in order to ensure diversity the non-engineers can hope  to accrue the benefit of 5%.  

IIM Kozhikode 

Past academic records along with a CAT percentile of 85 and above can help you to get  the call for GD/PI from IIM-K. The institute will give 50% weightage to your CAT score. 20% weightage will be given to the Class X and Class XII marks and 10% to the graduation marks. These marks will be standardized on the basis of the various disciplines across the boards. In each category, the top ranking candidates based on the index score will be called for the personal interview process.

IIM Rohtak

The cadidates should get a minimum of 85% percentile in CAT. There are also conditionalities related to the academic background, the minimun score in Class X, XII and graduation should be 70%, 65% and 60%, respectively. Apart from these factors, due weightage will be given to the components such as work experience (maximum 50 marks), female candidates and non-engineering students which will be 20 marks each. 

IIM Shillong

The candidate must get an overall CAT score of 94.5 percentile. Sectional percentile requirements are 65 percentile in each section. To qualify for round two, the candidate must have a minimum score of 80% in Class X and 75% in Class XII. 

IIM Ranchi


 The overall CAT score of 97 percentile with at least 70.37 percentile in section I and 70.76 in section II will be accepted by the istitute to qualify cadidates for second round. For final admissions, IIM Ranchi will consider  performance in CAT, GD/PI and profile to collate the final score. Under profile, the candidates can get an advantage of up to 20 marks depending on your academic profile, work experience and performance in extra-curricular activities. The academic background includes medals for scholastic performance in the academic life.

IIM Raipur

The overall cut off percentile for CAT 2011 is 80 percentile and the sectional cut off is 70 each. IIM Raipur will use CAT scores, PA scores and profile of the candidate to summarise the final score. The profile will include 10 marks each for Class X and Class XII scores and 20 marks for graduation scores.

IIM Trichy

 The CAT cut off percentile is 80 and sectional cut off percentile is 70 to make an entry in this institute. There are conditionalities attached to the minimum percentage  that a candidate must have obtained in Class X, XII and graduation i.e. 70, 65 and 60, respectively. While compiling the final scores, candidates with a rich work experience can get a lead of maximum 5%. Marks for academic diversity are also proposed for candidates with non technical background.

IIM Kashipur

The overall cut off for CAT stands at 75 percentile and sectional cut off at 70 percentile. The weightage given to CAT scores is 38. For the scores of Class X and Class XII, the weightage stands at one mark each. The graduation marks and diversity in academic discipline account for three marks each. The weightage for work experience and gender diversity is two marks each. The total shortlist weightage is 50.

IIM Udaipur

The overall cut off for CAT 2011 is 80 percentile and the sectional cut off is 70 each. The batch size is likely to be around 120. IIM Udaipur will use CAT scores, PA scores and profile of the candidate to summarise the final score. The profile will include 10 marks each for Class X and Class XII scores and 20 marks for graduation score. The institute will also take into consideration gender diversity, academic diversity and work experience while collating the final results.


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